Untitled works for HOME-SPECIFIC by MILK Amsterdam
Hand-sewn replica of a house plant, bismuth crystals (not seen in photos), Singularity Black 99% light absorbent paint on bronze

Esther Hoogendijk, Janneke Kornet, Joyce Overheul
Merel Stolker, Maureen Jonker, Laiyan Cheng

Intimacy and homeliness are the keywords of the coming group show at This Art Fair. MILK focuses on site-specific performances and installations. Because a fair is not often the domain of site-specific artists, MILK offers a new sales concept with home-specific works. For a specific living room in Amsterdam, Janneke Kornet, Esther Hoogendijk and Joyce Overheul develop a special artwork. These works are not for sale but are presented in the original living room in the booth. MILK offers their work process to the visitors and potential clients who can order a new home-specific work by one of these artist.

In addition to the physical works, site-specific performances by Laiyan Cheng, Merel Stolker and Maureen Jonker are programmed in and around the living room.
This Art Fair 2017 | 27.12 _ 30.12